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JcoNAT Statement

JcoNAT has always been committed to providing economical, safe and effective disinfectants. Therefore, we attach great importance to product quality. JcoNAT's Naturally-Existing Disinfectant has undergone many international tests and inspections to ensure excellent and reliable disinfection performance. Among them, Blu Test laboratory tested under clean conditions according to EN14476:2013+A2:2019, and proved that it can effectively kill all coronaviruses (including SAR-CoV-2) by more than 99.99%; and Intertek laboratory tested under clean conditions according to EN1276:2019 , proved to be able to effectively kill Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus more than 99.999%.


Regarding the recent hot topic about the comparative test of disinfectants, JcoNAT made the following clarifications and additions to allay public concerns:

1) JcoNAT belongs to hand sanitiser and should be tested according to the standard of testing hand sanitizer (no flushing); if it is tested with the condition of hand sanitizer (flushing required), it cannot reflect the actual function of JcoNAT

2) According to WHO's the definition of hand rubbing and hand washing, JcoNAT has passed the EN1276 test again in a correct and appropriate way (with hygienic hand rubbing "clean conditions"), showing that the product effectively kills Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus by more than 99.999% , is a trusted no-flush hand sanitizer.

3) In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, JcoNAT has passed EN14476 (press hand sanitizer "cleaning conditions") in April 2020 to effectively remove the novel coronavirus in 15 seconds, making it one of the fastest disinfection products in Hong Kong to eliminate coronavirus.

4) According to the relevant standards, the test conditions for general-purpose disinfection - dirty conditions and clean conditions differ only in the concentration of organic interfering substances. In practical applications, since JcoNAT products have passed the cleaning conditions test requirements, customers can increase the dosage according to actual needs to solve the disinfection requirements under dirty conditions, that is, in the face of a more polluted environment, it can be reused to achieve the desired effect. .

5) JcoNAT is the only brand that provides test paper so that customers can test the usability of products by themselves, giving customers visible confidence.


Due to legal restrictions, certain institutions and the contents of the report cannot be mentioned. However, major media also have relevant responses and reports. For details, you can search by yourself:

Now News/ TVB News/ AppleDaily/ Oriental Daily/ On.CC East Net/ Sing Tao Daily/ Headline Daily/ Sky Post/ Topick/ Bus News/ ESDlife/ news4hk/ Yahoo News

(Updated to 10:45 January 15, 2021)


JcoNAT will also regularly review the product concentration of HOCl with customers to achieve safe, effective and appropriate goals. JcoNAT will continue to work hard to provide you with safe, reliable and cost-effective disinfection products, and become a reliable partner on the antibacterial road!

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