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Company introduction

Our Company

JcoNAT is developed and manufactured by the Jacobson van den Berg Group, which is a Hong Kong based group that has its roots as a Dutch Trading House formed in 1951.

The parent company is the Chinney Alliance Group, a publicly listed group in Hong Kong.

We have been selling JcoNAT product widely in Hong Kong since 2016, mainly to medical clinics, hotels, schools, public facilities, and also via supermarket chains and directly to consumers through online shopping and vending machines.

Our Brand

JcoNAT (pronounced J-CO-NAT)  represents the Jacobson van den Berg Group's mission and strategy to diversify and develop new products that are both Natural and Kind to Nature.

In 2015, as part of the above mission, we were looking at various new health and hygiene related product categories.

One of the topics we were exploring was if there was any simpler, safer and more natural substance that could kill/inactivate harmful viruses and bacteria. 

We discovered that Japanese companies and researchers (and other Western countries as well) had been studying the usage of HOCl as a commercially producible  disinfectant for some time.

We realised that HOCl, when manufactured properly, was an ideal disinfectant, falling in the "sweet spot" where "human safety", "disinfecting power", "convenience of use" and "friendliness to the earth" uniquely converged.

This fact is not at all surprising, since HOCl is a substance that is made naturally in our white blood cells to fight against infection from viruses and bacterial. 

Our company then worked closely with Japanese companies in the field, and used their HOCl production equipment (patented Japanese technology) to formulate a product that best met the requirements of daily use, and creating the new product and brand called JcoNAT.