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Wellness Travel Kit - Yellow Towel

Wellness Travel Kit - Yellow Towel

Japan-made Feeling-Cool Sports Towel (Blue)

Japan-made Feeling-Cool Sports Towel (Blue)

Wellness Travel Kit - Blue Towel

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Following most countries adopting the “Live with Covid” policy, Hong Kong citizens are looking forward to packing for business visits or tourist trips. However, the Covid-19 virus still poses threats to everyone.  To address this concern and other wellness of our customers, our company has assembled a Wellness Travel Kit for our customers, which contains our flagship product JcoNAT Naturally-Existing Disinfectant, a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Blocking Wallet and the award-winning Japan-made Feeling-cool Sports Towel which was awarded with the Japanese OMOTENASHI Selection gold award, the highest prize awarded to Japanese products. These products are packed in a clear sling bag (with RFID blocking inner pocket).  Whether on business trips or private tours, you could travel the world at peace of mind.

JcoNAT Naturally-Existing Disinfectant

JcoNAT Naturally-Existing Disinfectant is our flagship product which passed EN14476 to eliminate 99.99% of the Covid-19 virus in 15 seconds. The product does not contain any alcohol, fragrance and preservatives as well as is mild in nature. The ingredient HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) has been recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a food-grade disinfectant, which is safe and reliable.

The JcoNAT Naturally-Existing Disinfectant provided in the travel kit is in 60ml size, which is light and easy to carry.  It can be carried with you in person whenever you board the plane or take the high-speed train. It is definitely the best anti-bacterial companion in your journey.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Blocking Wallet

With the rapid advancement of technology, RFID function has been a standard feature in our daily-used smart ID cards, credit cards and Octopus cards. Many people worry that their personal information will be stolen by criminals. Therefore, a wallet with RFID blocking function is indispensable. 

The RFID blocking wallet provided in the travel kit has passed security test, which can prevent our cards in the wallet from the risk of data theft. It is a durable, easy to carry and fashionable wallet with extra space to store banknotes and other business cards at your convenience.

Japan-made Feeling-Cool Sports Towel

Affected by the global warming, the temperature around the world continues to rise. If you want to enjoy the fun of outdoor experience from the hot weather, a high-quality feeling-cool sports towel must always be with you.

Our travel kit provides the Feeling-Cool Sports Towel that has won the Japan's OMOTENASHI Selection gold award, the highest prize awarded to Japanese products. The product is made in Japan which is woven with a special yarn. If you want to improve the cooling effect, you can soak the towel in water first, twist it gently, then wrap it around your neck.  It immediately increases the cooling feeling by 2.5 times.

Clear Sling Bag (with RFID blocking inner pocket)

The Clear Sling Bag is stylish and fashionable in appearance, it even provides a RFID blocking pocket inside the bag which keeps you relaxed in your outings.