Company introduction

About Chinney Alliance Group

Chinney Alliance Group Limited is a listed company under Chinney Construction Group. It dedicates to developing its business in trading, engineering and strategic investment. Jacobson van den Berg (China) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chinney Construction Group.

Company's introduction

JcoNAT is the brand under Jacobson van den Berg (China) Limited. The company has started providing services to customers in Hong Kong and other regions since 1951.

JcoNAT has a professional team who continuously spends much effort in developing new products, and business partners including experienced doctors as the backing. It aims at providing more green and healthy products to customers as well as contributing to customers and environment of Hong Kong and even the world!

JcoNAT want to ensure our product quality by:

    • Professional scientific testing done by internationally renowned laboratory (Intertek)
    • Test paper comes with our products (250ml and 950ml) so that customers can test the effectiveness of products on the spot.
    • JcoNAT is working with Intertek to launch the first random sampling test scheme: every Quarter, random customers will be invited to join product testing

so that general public agree that the products they purchase are those tested.

Let JcoNAT protect everyone of you all the time and build a 'New Living Attitude' with us!