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2015-12-01Pregnant women must know! Eating raw or cold food easily causes Listeria infection and mortality of babies

Pregnant women should not eat raw or cold food like frozen dairy products, desserts and salads or otherwise, they will have a higher chance in being infected by Listeria which can cause mortality of babies. Centre for Health Protection (CHP) received four Listeria infection cases in the end of October, in which one of them was37-year-old woman with pregnancy period of 17 weeks. It is suspected after she had eaten uncooked food including salads, smoked salmons and smoked hams, she was infected by Listeria and the complication led to miscarriage. Meanwhile, according to information released by CHP, Department of Health, the symptoms of Listeria include:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Feel like vomiting
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • If serious, may have complications like Meningitis, Encephalitis and Sepsis

Although most pregnant women infected by Listeria do not have serious symptoms, they may pass the bacteria to babies, triggering miscarriage, mortality. Also, the babies may suffer from Sepsis and Meningitis. Thus pregnant women shall prevent intake of uncooked food in order to protect the health of them and their babies. Furthermore, you can clean vegetables and fruits with JcoNAT disinfectant, which removes Listeria, other bacteria, viruses and protect your health.

*Source: The Sun—27 November, 2015; Health Topics, Centre for Health Protection

2015-04-17Reusing water from dehumidifiers may lead to Pneumonia!?

臨近春天,天氣愈來愈潮濕了,信相廣大的市民都紛紛出動抽濕機來保持環境乾爽。但早前SUN焦點以問卷形式訪問了七十二位市民如何處理來自抽濕機水。結果顯示,近四成的受訪者會把抽濕機的水用來洗地、洗衫等,看似極盡環保,但內含危機。 抽濕機水經過長時間擺放,又沒以氯氣殺菌,絕不適宜用作煮食用途。再者,抽濕機的冷卻系統長時間維持在濕潤狀態,特別容易滋生細菌如退伍軍人桿菌。根據衛生署衛生防護中心資訊,退伍軍人桿菌可存活在不同的水源環境裏,如水缸、冷熱水系統 等。退伍軍人桿菌的潛伏期為兩至十天,而其病徵如下:

  • 發燒
  • 乾咳
  • 呼吸困難
  • 疲倦
  • 頭痛
  • 肌肉疼痛
  • 腹痛和腹瀉
  • 嚴重時可出現神經系統病徵,如精神錯亂 · 呼吸衰竭


*資料來源:太陽報 -- 2015年4月07日;衛生防護中心之健康資訊